BS-SM-26A – Stand Misting Fans

BS-SM-26A – Stand Misting Fans or Commercial outdoor misting fans or mist cooling fans from Breezsol in Dubai, UAE have many common applications. For outdoor cooling playgrounds, yards, private patios, fun events and more.



Stand Misting Fan from Breezsol

BS-SM-26A Stand Misting Fan from Breezsol in Dubai & UAE is portable and comes with all new water tank design. With 30L tank, the continuous operation without refill it gives about 8 hours of performance.

Fresh cool, not damp, high pressure and minimal nozzle generating mist droplets as small as 10 micron, reduce the temperature 5-15 degree, 10 times more economical than air conditioner, ideal for outdoor areas and areas requiring ventilation, thermal fuse as security system, automatically cut when over use, a strong and durable standardized product.


High Pressure Breezsol Mist Fans

This is a stand-alone, high-pressure, low-noise misting fan for outdoor cooling. Thanks to the built-in pressurization system, Breezsol Misting Fan is capable of mixing atomized water to the airflow, thus producing a cooling effect all around.


What is a Mist Fan?

A misting fan uses evaporative cooling effect as well. The fine mist blown by the fan evaporates instantly (if air humidity is not very high) causing the cooling effect. If the weather is more humid, the mist might not evaporate quickly; So, it would make you feel some mist blown. Check our Portable Air Coolers if you need them. Visit our Facebook page for ongoing promotions.



Name 26″ high pressure mist fan
Height 1.6m-1.9m (adjustable)
Motor 100% copper
Voltage 220v/50/60Hz or 110v/60Hz
Speed 3
Oscillating Range 90 degrees
Nozzles 5 stainless steel
Spray effective distance 1-10m
Air flow 138m3/min
Water flow (adjustable) 0-8L/H
Noise Level <50dba