Breezsol Evaporative Air Coolers

In most areas, it becomes hard to work in-house temperature due to humidity and lack of airflow, to solve out this problem we can consider Breezsol Evaporative Air Coolers. These Evaporative Air Coolers are specially designed for Industrial cooling and Ventilation as well as maintain the flow of fresh air. Top application areas are

  • Industrial Areas
  • Restaurants, Halls and Lounges
  • Universities, School and Colleges
  • Warehouses
  • Public Stations (Bus stand, Airport)

Breezsol Misting Fans

To manage the outdoor cooling, Breezsol offers the best misting fans. It will help to improve fresh air flow, keeping cooling the environment and make it fresh. Also, a variety of models like wall misting fans, stand misting fans makes situations easy to handle. Some application areas like

  • Green Houses
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Animals Farms
  • Marriage Halls
  • Flowerbeds

Breezsol Heating Products

The need for heating products is also the same as cooling products. So, Breezsol launched some of the best heating products which are energy efficient and give you a feel of real heat as summers. Some of the common application areas those heaters are

  • Festival and Fairs
  • Winter Sporting Events
  • Terrace Cafes with Outdoor Sitting
  • Offices and Outdoor Evening Events
  • Domestic Environments and Bathrooms

Eco Fresh Air Workspace

Whenever a placed is considered for Echo fresh Air workspace, ventilated air for that place becomes the only thing they need. So, some indeed application areas are

  • Club & Bars
  • Shopping Malls and Cinema Halls
  • Smoking Lounges
  • Underground or Basement Places
  • Some specific production Places (where machines generate heavy concentrations of ozone or other contaminants)