BS-35HW Window-Type Evaporative Air Cooler

Breezsol BS-35HW Window-Type Evaporative Air Cooler also refers to as a swamp cooler or desert cooler. It cleans the air and provides coolness at home having 3 in 1 feature i.e. fan, humidifier, and air purifier. These coolers are widely used in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the entire UAE. Also used in other Gulf countries and are affordable to buy and use. The design of this type of multifunctional evaporative cooler is very simple and it can be maintained easily. There are three replaceable mediums for the circulation of water; one exhaust fan on the fourth side that is used to pull hot air and at the bottom, a tank is present.



Breezsol BS-35HW – Window-Type Evaporative Air Cooler and advanced Outdoor Cooling System for Hotel, Restaurants, Outdoor dining areas, Swimming Pool, Outdoor Events, Mosque, Cattle Farm, Zoos, Auto Garage, workshops, Horse Stable and factories serve best in hot places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi or entire UAE or Gulf countries. Window-Type Evaporative Air Cooler works on the technology of wet honeycomb cooling media, which allows the water to flow over it and absorbs the heat from the air. Window-Type Evaporative Air Cooler evaporates the water and results in cool and moisturized air which makes the atmosphere cool in hot and humid conditions. Due to this, it uses less energy and power which makes it economical to use. A larger part of society can afford it. These air coolers are easy to move according to your need and comfort.

Mobile/Portable Evaporative Air Cooler in Dubai or UAE and advanced Outdoor Cooling System. Best for Hotels, Restaurants, Outdoor dining areas, Swimming Pools, Horse Stable, and factories. It is designed for hot places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or the entire UAE or Gulf countries. It is a choice of a different type of machine based on different surroundings.


Mobile/Portable Evaporative Air Cooler matches different duct and air outlet mice based on different fan machines. It does different installations based on different surroundings. For detailed information, please contact the provider or manufacturer and also visit our Facebook Page. Our evaporative cooling systems have helped our customers maintain cost reductions and operational returns throughout many industries. Becoming up to 80% more economical than conventional air conditioning systems.


More about Evaporative Air Cooler

Evaporative air cooler is highly competitive both in capital outlay and purchase and in running and maintenance costs. Especially if compared to an equivalent air conditioning installation using a compressor. In this way, the running costs of evaporative air handling units are similar to those of a fan. Their installation cost is low since they only need a water source and electrical power supply. That is too without any complementary installation. Their maintenance is highly economical and since they have few moving parts the probability of failure occurring is lower. Another feature is the ease of maintenance of the filters and water distributors. All the advantages in energy efficiency that characterize eco-air-cooling systems translate to significant financial savings and the profit and loss accounts of firms using the system.


How does Evaporative Air Cooler work?

An evaporative cooling system works with basic evaporation. Its programs efficiently lower the temperature of the air in your home. In general, the machine will entail a fan, a thick pad, a water reservoir, and some additional controls for fine-tuning the outcomes. The fan lures dry, hot air into the machine and across the cooler pads. These thick pads captivate water from the reservoir and have many layers to upsurge the surface area. As the hot air crosses the pad, the water molecules on the surface evaporate, which roots the air temperature inside the cooler to drop. Often by as much as 20 degrees. The fan then blows that cold air into your room, where you can enjoy the chill on a hot day.

Model BS-35HW – Window-Type Evaporative Air Cooler
Max airflow 3500m3/h
Voltage 220v
Electric current 1.1A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input power 150w
Blower type Centrifugal-flow type
Water consumption 3-5L/H
Water tank capacity 50L
Dimension of air outlet 370x340mm
Overall size 720x720x700mm
Application area 15-20m2
Noise ≤50dB
Air out way Blow-side