Breezsol Balmy – Electric Halogen Heaters

Breezsol Balmy – Electric Halogen Heaters are heaters that incorporate the halogen element within their gold halogen lamp. It is usually used for outdoor heating. The ability of halogen gold halogen lamps to be able to generate high levels of heat in 12-18 areas makes them ideal for heating different types of outdoor areas like bars, restaurants, smoking areas, and gardens.

Why Balmy – Electric Halogen Heaters?

Balmy – Electric Halogen Heaters is best for saving energy and also for providing heat almost instantly the radiant heat released by the heaters effectively heats a small area, and this greatly reduces the amount of energy the heaters consume. Even on the coldest spring evening, in the chilliest of spaces, the strong shortwave infrared produced by a halogen heater will keep you warm and cozy. We also offer Outdoor Patio Gas Heaters, do check them out.

How does Breezsol Balmy – Electric Halogen Heaters work

This product reacts with the evaporating tungsten and redeposits the tungsten back onto the filament. This prevents bulb blackening and extends the lifespan of the tungsten filament. It allows halogen lamps to operate at much higher temperatures which are why, on a larger scale, they can be used as sources of heat. So, a 1200w halogen heater running cost would be 18 pence per hour. A halogen heater’s energy consumption is directly related to the power output and how long you run it at that power output.

Which area is to be heated?

Before the purchase, determine your requirements. What is the size of the room or space where you want to use it? Our product range is of various models with different performance levels. This way, you can easily control the production of heat straight to the point. Do you need a radiant heater for a small bathroom or guest area? You would like to use the conservatory more often and therefore create a cozy warmth using it? Restaurant or hotel clients sitting area and workshop are too cold to spend a lot of time in there? Browse our heating products and see which capacity will suit the area to be heated. Contact us if you need help in choosing the right product for your requirement. Keep checking our Facebook page for new findings and offers.

• Model: XD-Y
• Power: 1200W 1500W 2000W
• Voltage:110-120V 220-240V
• Product size: 67.5*10.5*7.2cm
• Filament: Gold halogen lamp
• Heating Area: 12-18

• Safety Device : Overheating protection
• Function: Remote control 2 power setting
• N.W: 1.7 kg
• Certificated: ETL,cETL,CE.ROHS.IP55.SAA.CB
• Color: Silver or Black
• Installation: Wall mounted, ceiling or free standing
• 2 years warranty