2-Stage Evaporative Central Air Conditioner

2-Stage Evaporative Central Air Conditioner in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and Gulf countries has been in trend since it was launched in the industry. It provides an incredible effect of cooling everywhere that serves a powerful cooling in spaces like warehouses, manufacturing plants, workshops, hangars, factories. This type of air cooler provides an effective amazing cooling effect globally.

  • 15-16 °C supply air temperature in UAE weather.
  • 120% wet bulb approach.
  • Can replace traditional package unit.
  • 80% power saving (compare to same DX cooling capacity).
  • Thermostatic inverter variable speed function.
  • BMS Connectivity.
  • Sandwitch panel AHU body & Fiber glass water tank.
  • Direct-drive backward centrifugal blower.
  • Dust filters washable & 100% fresh air.




2-Stage Evaporative Central Air Conditioner

Evaporative Central Air Conditioner in Dubai, UAE, and Gulf Countries. Actually, the concept of cooling without a compressor was generated due to the high energy consumption of the compressor, which burns resources and also causes catastrophic damage to the climate as it is not about only one unit it’s about the cooling industry as a whole.

As you can easily observe that the energy consumption of heating and cooling products makes the most part in the overall consumption of energy, whether it’s a house, office, industry, and so on.

Breezsol is a well-reckoned organization, instrumental in offering a superlative range of central air conditioners in Dubai, UAE, and Gulf countries. The offered range of air conditioners serves different environments and solves different types of problems. These air conditioners are made using superior-grade components and advanced technology. By keeping strict observance over the entire manufacturing process of these air conditioners, our team of professionals makes sure that these processes are carried out in accordance with industry standards. The offered range of central AC unit in UAE is durable, rugged in design, easy to operate and maintain and give a high-level performance. Rely on us to avail these air conditioners from us at market leading prices. Visit our Facebook page to see ongoing promotions. We also provide a wide range of Evaporative Air Coolers.

Cooling Solution

Our promise was to present a solution that could take over the market of these high energies consuming, compressor-using cooling machines. So that the resources used in creating that energy could be saved. We took help from nature. Water was the source we thought of using in our cooling process as it has the best cooling properties. We invented a two-stage cooling process.

Two Stage Evaporative Cooling

The two-stage evaporation cooling method works in such a way that dry air is cooled down by passing it through tunnels that are cooled by wet air, water vapors absorb the heat and make the air cool, this is called an indirect stage. The first stage of cooling also comprises a separate tank and a cooling pad section which is used to cool down water only. this water is then passed through the coil and air is moved in. This drops the temperature of the air.
In the second stage, the cool dry air is passed through wet pads which further reduces the temperature extra. Thus converting 45-50°C into 15-20°C.

Energy Saving

The energy usage in this process is less than 20-25% of the energy used in the evaporative air conditioners. The energy usage is reduced by 80% by evaporative air conditioners is the biggest achievement of our team and product. The humidity level is also very comfortable and dust prevention is also more than 90%. The best cooling solution in Gulf offered by Breezsol is evaporative air conditioners.

Distinctive Features of Breezsol Air Cooler

  • Supply Air Temperature Less Than 17*C
  • Comfortable Humidity
  • Hot & Cool –  Optional
  • Eliminate Dust Up To 100% – Optional
  • Dust Filters – Aluminum Washable
  • Thermostat Control
  • Insulated Body Panels
  • Water Tank Automatic Clean & Drain
  • Inner Plastic Layers
  • Powder Coating Oven Backed Paint
  • High Air Static Pressure
  • Effective in Semi-Arid Areas

Detailed Features of Breezsol Air Cooler

  • It cools the air in two stages. In the first stage, it cools the air from 45’C to 28’C without adding humidity. When this cool dry air passes through the second stage where it has been touched directly by water, it evaporates and cools further to 18’C-16’C.
  • It is equipped with an electric heater controlled by the electronic thermostat and protected by a fusible link for safety. It can provide the required heat in the winter (optional).
  • Since the evaporating air is already cooled without adding humidity that is why this cooled air picks less quantity of moisture compared to direct hot air evaporating.
  • It has the option of cooling the air without dust and pollen entering the area up to 98% providing clean and cool air in the room.
  • It is equipped with aluminum washable dust filters which reduce dust in the air and insure more clean air to the room.
  • Microprocessor control with wired and wireless remote control and room thermostat. All the functions can be selected and changed by a user-friendly thermostat push-button switch located inside the room.
  • All the body panels are installed. Ambient heat cannot enter the body cabinet. This protects air from solar heat gain and ensures more energy saving.
  • An electronically controlled drain valve is provided to clean the tank by draining it at user-selected intervals. this system can be used to clean and drain the tank. They reduce salt formation & building of bacteria inside the cabinet.
  • All the panels near the wet area are fully covered by plastic layers. The water cannot touch the metallic body panels which reduces corrosion to the metallic body and increase its life.
  • is designed to work with duct distribution systems. It has high static pressure fans which can push the required air up to the room easily.
  • When the outdoor air humidity increases regular desert coolers cannot provide the required cooling. But super cool unit provide cooling even up to 50% humidity and provide cooling in semi-arid areas where the regular cooler is not effective.
  • The A/C unit is painted with powder-coated oven-backed paint.
TR 25 Ton 15 Ton 10 Ton 7.5 Ton 5 Ton
Air Delivery (CFM) 10,000 7,000 4,800 3,600 2,400
External Static Pressure 250 Pascal 220 Pascal 175 Pascal 150 Pascal 100 Pascal
Cooling Capacity 25 TR 15 TR 10 TR 7.5 TR 5 TR
Cooling Area 303 m2 212 m2 140 m2 103 m2 68 m2
Heating Capacity 36 KW 36 KW 20 KW 15 KW 10 KW
Performance 36 EER (Btuh/W) 42 EER (Btuh/W) 40 EER (Btuh/W) 36 EER (Btuh/W) 31 EER (Btuh/W)
Achievement of wet bulb 110% 110% 110% 110% 110%
  • Volt/Hz/Ph 220-380/60/3
  • Input Power – KW Cool/Hot 6.6-42
  • Current – Amp Cooling Only 21-13
  • Current – Amp Heating Only 80
  • Water Consumption Max
  • m2/24 Hours (Peak Temp) 2.3
  • Weight Operating (KG) 1200
  • Net Weight (KG) 750