VLF-CC Smoke Extract Centrifugal Induction Car Park Fans

VLF-CC Smoke Extract Centrifugal Induction Car Park Fans:

• Low profile car park ventilation and smoke extract fan.

• Approved by standard EN 12101-3, with certification APPLUS (F400°C) and (F300°C).

• 50,75 and 100 N option.

• Impeller with backward-curved blades made of high-quality galvanized steel with fire-resistant.

• Special deflector design and Protection grid.

• Taking the air movement in the vertical direction; completes by shooting horizontally.


• Motors with IE2 and IE3 efficiency.
• Class H motors with ball bearings and IP55 protection.
• Three-phase 380-400V 50Hz.
• Fans with 2-speed motor.

• Speed controllable by voltage reduction.

• 2 hours of continuous operation at 400°C and 300°C



VLF-CC Smoke Extract Centrifugal Induction Car Park Fans from Breezsol

VLF-CC Smoke Extract Centrifugal Induction Car Park Fans from Breezsol in Dubai, UAE, and Gulf Countries are widely used in industry & agriculture.


Smoke Extract Fans pull out hot air and smoke from the car parking. During a fire by using their highly efficient powerful motor. This causes a positive pressure differential in the building forcing hot air out, smoke, and gasses while at the same time producing a negative pressure differential inside the living areas.

The most common smoke extract fans are open just like a window or skylight that offer an escape route for smoke and hot air. So they are widely used in industry & agriculture, such as heat treatment plants, casting plants, plastics plants, aluminum plants, electroplating plants, chemical plants, greenhouses, livestock farms, garment factories, etc. We also deal in Horizontal and Extract Roof Ventilators. Check our Facebook page for ongoing offers and promotions.



  1. Industrial fields: textile, socks/clothes making, glass, coating, silk-screen printing, printing, foodstuff, processing, dyeing, laundry with high temperature.
  2. Civil fields: net bars, stores, supermarkets, mess hall, food markets, waiting-rooms and recreation places and other occasions with air-conditioning.
  3. Agricultural & horticulture fields: large farms, greenhouse and livestock farms, etc.


This group includes Horizontal Roof Extract Fans, Centrifugal Roof Extract Fans, Vertical Discharge Centrifugal fans, and Roof Axial Extract Fan. Smoke Extract fans are manufactured in two different types horizontal and vertical blow.

This group includes Smoke Extract Car Park Fans, Smoke Extract Tubular Axial Fan. Every situation should be taken into consideration in case of fire. Therefore, the necessary smoke evacuation system and extinguishing systems must be installed correctly to prevent the growth and expansion of the flames. Smoke evacuation fans are of great importance for the life of the living creatures in the environment. It eliminates risks such as smoke poisoning. For this reason, a powerful fan should be preferred.

Model Thrust (N) Power (KW) Current (A) Speed (r.p.m) airflow (m³/h) Sound Pressure dB(A) Weight (Kg)
VLF-CC / 50N 50 / 12 1,20 / 0,30 1,91 / 0,6 1410 / 700 6000 / 3000 75 / 59 90
VLF-CC / 75N 75 / 19 1,60 / 0,40 3,54 / 1,25 1500 / 750 7900 / 3900 76 / 61 102
VLF-CC / 100N 95 / 24 2,20 / 0,55 4,63 / 1,54 1500 / 750 9000 / 4500 79 / 64 134