Straight Vanes Roof Ventilator

Straight Vanes Roof Ventilator technology has been built to endure the tough conditions and operating environments. Our ventilation products are designed, engineered, and manufactured at their best.

It’s been designed as a heavy-duty bearing system to improve ventilator performance and durability in high wind speeds. This bearing system prevents the ingress of fine dust particles and fumes from harsh environmental conditions.

Good air circulation promotes the exhaust of hot and stale air and can prevent humidity build-up. A well-designed ventilator must be weatherproof to prevent water ingress into the building whilst maintaining its performance.

In addition to the improved Cd performance, vertical vane technology has distinct benefits over traditional vents as they provide:

  • Improved torque at low wind speed
  • Better protection against rainwater ingress protected
  • Larger exhaust opening
  • Greater “sail” area to drive the turbine
  • Main material of Tianrui wind-type ventilator
  • Top cover and blade: anodized aluminum alloy, super corrosion resistance
  • Variable angle pipe diameter: polyester-coated aluminum alloy, super corrosion resistance
  • Upper baring: Permanently lubricated fully enclosed cylindrical bearing
  • Lower bearing: Japan Asahi Seiko permanently lubricated fully sealed bearings
  • According to customer’s requirements, the surface of the ventilator can be powder-coated and unsprayed, providing a variety of colors to meet the needs of different buildings


Straight Vanes Roof Ventilator

Home, commercial, and industrial ventilation solutions in the UAE as well as across the gulf.

Our engineered Straight Vanes Roof Ventilator Technology range has been built to endure the toughest of climatic conditions and operating environments. Breezsol with Straight Vanes Roof Ventilator is passionate about delivering superior comfort and performance. Whilst reducing the overall impact on the environment. It is this vision of a ‘sustainable future’ it has resulted in the design and development of many energy-efficient innovations. These include natural, wind-driven; hybrid, and turbine ventilation technology. So, learn more about Natural Static Roof Ventilation systems. Or visit our Facebook page for ongoing offers and promotions.


Straight Vanes Roof Ventilator Technology


  • Tested high exhaust capacity.
  • Anodized aluminum alloy material for long-lasting and corrosion free.
  • Straight Vanes Roof Ventilator can resist up to 300-degree temperatures.
  • Straight Vanes Roof Ventilator aluminum sheet is cut by automatic Hi-tech leaser machine accurate cutting.
  • 100% water resistant.
  • Tested wind load resistance and can withstand higher than 40m/s wind.
  • Highly sealed stainless steel self-lubricating bearing.

High-Performance Vertical Vane™ Technology

  • Unique design allows wind turbine so that it acts as a centrifugal impeller.
  • Improved co-efficient of flow (Cf) compared to similar-sized traditional spherical vents.


  • Anodized aluminum alloy and super corrosion resistance blades, and top cover.
  • Polyester-coated aluminum alloy and supper corrosion resistance variable angle, and pipe diameter.
  • The upper bearing is a permanently lubricated fully enclosed cylindrical bearing.

Installation Benefits

  • Significant weight advantage, <25kg on turbine top, the two-person lift may be achieved versus crane-lift for heavier competitor options.
  • Lightweight design means the additional structural strengthening of the roof may not be required.
  • Variable pitch base design but can adapt to most roof angles because special Bases can be custom-made for known roof pitch.


  • Manual or electric dampers
  • Special bases
  • EC damper grilles

Features and benefits

  • Specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications
  • Industrial strength ventilation systems designed so it cools large open work environments from schools to warehouses and receiving docks
  • Improved co-efficient of discharge (Cd) compared to similar sized traditional spherical vents
  • Specially designed “Tandaco” double row bearing system for durability
  • Marine-grade equivalent or better aluminum as standard
  • Lightweight design entails crane-life might not be necessary thus reducing overall installation cost
  • Variable pitch throat design can adapt to most roof angles
  • Higher flow coefficients than comparable sized traditional spherical vents
  • Flexible design and product configurations
  • Special bases for roof slope and ridge, spigot and square to round designs
  • Manual and Electric dampers
  • Grilles and damper grills
  • Spark guard to prevent ember from entering the building via ventilator
  • Short lead times on standard products
  • Available in diameters ranging from 100mm to 900mm
  • Mill finish or powder coated option so that it matches most Color bond® colors


Straight Vanes Roof Ventilator is built to perform in highly corrosive environments, particularly where acidic or caustic fumes are required to be exhausted.
By improving air movement in the space and reducing condensation risk, the Straight Vanes Roof Ventilator can minimize chemical attacks from corrosive fumes and extend the asset life of the metal roof and wall surfaces, as well as other equipment and componentry.
The ventilator turbine is available in aluminum finish, polyolefin white, or a range of powder coat colors upon request. Applications include ceramic plants, power coating facilities and gritty environments.


Designed for commercial and industrial use Straight Vanes Roof Ventilator has been used in the following applications:

  • Warehouse storage, Manufacturing, Factories: Light industries
  • Retail outlets and shops
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Commercial buildings, offices
  • Public, sporting, community, and social Buildings
  • Power stations and substations
  • Water and sewerage – treatment plants, pipes, and storage

Breezsol offers a service to help select the right size, number, type of vents is specified according to your requirement. Click to inquire, contact your account manager, or call us on the given number.

Model Variable angle pipe diameter (mm) Ventilator height (mm) Turbine head diameter (mm)
600 600 658 758
700 700 780 870
900 900 926 1096


Model Variable angle pipe height (mm) Base plate (mm) Weight (KG)
600 30 1000X1000 12.5
700 300 1000X1000 14.9
900 390 1200X1200 26