BS-PG-48B – Patio Pyramid Gas Heater Black

Patio Pyramid Gas Heaters are well known for outdoor areas and entrances use. These Patio Gas Heaters are perfect for outdoor dining areas, smoking areas, bars, restaurants, beach hotels and all over Dubai and the Emirates. These Gas Heaters add style and warmth to the entrances of UAE’s well-known restaurants and hotels specially in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah etc. So, when the you feel the chill, we have got you covered with numbers of patio heaters to rent or buy.

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Patio Pyramid Gas Heater BlackBS-PG-48B are perfect for your comfort. The stainless-Steel designed machines are for you to enjoy in a cold environment. The Patio Gas heater is in pyramid shape and with standing functions. These heaters are attractive and glittering therefore they are used in renowned hotels and restaurants entrances. These are UAE’s best heaters are ideal for winter to serve your guests and customers. You can use them for swimming pool are, outdoor dining and outdoor sitting area at your home heating. Visit our facebook page to see our on-going offers and much more.

They are designed with so many unique features that may suit your needs. Some of these heaters are light in weight; few ensure more safety whereas others offer more durability. You might have gone through the details related to different styles of patio heaters that can assist buyers in easy selections. Patio Pyramid heaters provide warmth to your outdoor living areas throughout UAE’s cold seasons. And they do it with no odor and without any open flames.

Outdoor Heaters are not just for business and commercial use but they are also the good options for consumers Villa garden heating, events and parties on cold nights. If doesn’t know what outdoor heater is suitable for your garden. Please contact us and we will be so happy to tell you what is the best type of Patio heater to meet your requirements. Check our Electiric Heaters too.



Material  Black Powder Coated Steel
Total height  2270mm
Power  13 Max
Flux  945g/hr
Gross weight  31kg
Nozzle  1.5mm
Igniter  Piezoelectric ignition and variable gas control valve
Gas Inlet  1/4, 5/8 depends on countries Tank size_ 5-13Kgs
Covering area  15sqm
Output  41000BTU
Automatic shut-off device  Yes
Anti-tilt Switch  Yes
Fuel  Propane or Butane or LPG gas
Certificate  CE/ CSA/ AGA
Wheels for easy move  Yes