BS-NR18-14A – Electric Infrared Radiant Heater

  • Electric Infrared Radiant Heater in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, entire UAE or other countries is high electricity-to-heat efficient and the electric energy transformed to heat is 99%.
  • Plug and play, convenient, free, safe, comfortable.
  • Vibrant designs which perfectly match with room interior or decoration.
  • Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant surface treatment technology with high quality material.
  • Slim and compact structure, using the aluminum heat sink plate which generate heat faster and evenly.
  • You can fix it on wall or freestanding installation and operation is simple which makes it maintenance cost low.
  • Natural convection mode, namely open and hot, it keeps circulating heating with high efficiency and save energy. It is very safe and reliable.
  • No burn of oxygen, no glowing, no fire hazard, no bad odor, no noise while heating.
  • It comes with adjustable thermostat. Power on/off freely which makes it more energy-saving.


Electric Infrared Radiant Heater

You, your guests, customers or clients feel comfortable in room temperature in winter seasons in Dubai or entire UAE. You and your customers don’t want to be freezing where conventional heating systems fail to facilitate you. Which tend to be the best days for customer visits and overall business growth. Sometimes, you need to heat a bathroom for guests or customers. Or dining or sitting areas of your restaurants or guest houses. Radiant Heaters in Dubai or UAE perfectly suit for these typical applications. This convenient device produces heat right away after having activated. Heaters with infrared technology are flexible and largely applicable. Electric Infrared Radiant Heater in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman or other states is used virtually anywhere as it is an all-round heating device. It can be used both indoor and outdoor, depending on the design and need.


The advantages of an Electric Infrared Radiant Heater:

Energy-efficient, economical and cost-effective

No doubt that conventional heaters produce heat. But it involves costs with all that heating method. It is noticed this particularly when you only want warm environment for a short period of time. You might prefer to sleep in a cold bedroom but that doesn’t mean that you want a cold environment during the morning shower or breakfast. We leave for work and return hours after a long working day. Central heating system needs to be permanently running to achieve the desired temperature. The costs are substantial; whether you use gas, oil or district heating, it is irrelevant.

Your One Choice

Even if you use other heating solutions such as wood, pellet or coal heating systems, it also involves a significant lead time and the corresponding costs. You just need to switch on infrared radiant heater to heat up the space and that is only when you need to. Instantly, the surroundings will turn warm. What can save cost than this? Start saving energy costs, time and nerves by using an energy-efficient infrared radiant heater wherever you want to enjoy warm surroundings in a heartbeat. Keep checking our Facebook page for new findings and offers.


Which area is to be heated?

Before the purchase, determine your personal requirements. What is the size of the room or space where you want to use the infrared radiant heater? Our product range is of various models with different performance levels. This way, you can easily control the production of heat straight to the point. You need a radiant heater for a small bathroom or guest area? You would like to use the conservatory more often and therefore create a cozy warmth by means of an infrared radiant heater? Restaurant or hotel clients sitting area and workshop are too cold to spend a lot of time in there? Browse our heating products and see which capacity will suite for the area to be heated. Contact us if you need help in choosing the right product for your requirement. We also offer Outdoor Patio Gas Heaters, do check them out.

Model Power Cover area (m2 Voltage/Frequency Rated current Surface   temperature Dimension   (mm) N/G weight (Kg)
BS-NR18-14A 1000W 10 230V,50/60Hz 4.3A 300℃ 600*215*70 3.6/4.8