Arch Side Open Smoke Roof Ventilator

  • Curve appearance can reduce wind pressure resistance.
  • The best snow load resistance.
  • Providing daylight at both the top and the side, with the highest skylight efficiency.
  • The outer cover is powder coated with a beautiful appearance.
  • Structural waterproof performance.
  • Remote monitoring can be realized.
  • K-value: from 1.8 to 2.7 W m2/ok.
  • Reliability: Re 1000 cycles (smoke exhaust) or Re 10000 cycles (daily ventilator).
  • Open within 60s.
  • Snow load: 500 Pa.
  • Resistance to heat: 300oC 30 mins.
  • Low ambient temperature: -25oC.


Arch Side Open Smoke Roof Ventilator

Home, commercial, and industrial ventilation solutions in the UAE as well as across the gulf.

Breezsol with Arch Side Open Smoke Roof Ventilator is passionate about delivering superior comfort and performance. Whilst reducing the overall impact on the environment. This vision of a ‘sustainable future’ has resulted in the design and development of many energy-efficient innovations. These include natural, wind-driven; hybrid, and turbine ventilation technology. So, learn more about Ventilation systems. Or visit our Facebook page for ongoing offers and promotions.


How is it works

It provides natural light and smokes exhaust. It is downward-opening sashes that swing open toward both sides which is very suitable for buildings, industrial areas, and hotels. Its waterproof structure with patented technology eliminates leakage hazard, Support connection with firefighting service, and offer multiple functions including smoke exhaust, ventilation, and lighting.


Arch Side Open Smoke Roof Ventilator Technology

  • It can be linked with the fire control system and wind rain to realize intelligent control. Once there’s fir inside, the window can be opened within the 60s automatically.
  • Rising fumes can be discharged through these channels in the early stage of a fire.
  • These channels suck in the fresh air and assist in the exhaustion of a large amount of smoke
  • It has excellent insulation and an integrated waterproof structure.
  • Structural waterproofing design
  • Providing daylight at both the top and the side, with the highest skylight efficiency.


  • Window Frame: Thermal break and heat-insulated aluminum alloy profile + aluminum alloy powder coated outer cover.
  • Skylight Part: Polycarbonate hollow sheet or aluminum alloy insulation panel.

Control System

  • 24V safe voltage is used for electric opening.
  • Two ways compressed air and corban dioxide emergency gas cylinder are used for pneumatic opening. It’s equipped with a fail-safe device.

Customize size

  • 1.5m < base width < 6m.
  • Length can be customized.